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Landscape Watering Truck – FLM5180GPSDG6

The landscape watering truck is equipped with low-pressure water spraying and rear spraying functions, which has the characteristics of strong spraying power and good atomization effect. Not only is the truck suited for short-distance dust reduction in urban streets, parks, construction sites, coal yards, freight docks, and housing demolition and reconstruction sites, but also for water spraying and green belt irrigation. At the same time, it can be equipped with functions such as self-priming and snow melting.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Chassis Engine Model/Power (kW)


Top Speed (km/h)


Water Tank Volume (L)


Flushing Width (m)


Sprinkling Width (m)

≥l 6

Rear Water Gun Range (m)


Air-blow Mist Cannon Model


Spraying Range (m)


Start Method

Electric Starter

Noise (dB)


Dimension (Lx Wx H) (mm)



The diesel generator set is used to provide power, and the output voltage of the generator is automatically adjusted through an automatic voltage regulator without manual adjustment.

It adopts an environmentally friendly dust-removing air-blow mist cannon, which has a compact structure, long-range, small mist particles, large coverage area, and can be operated manually or remotely. All tasks can be carried out in the cab through the camera.

The mist cannon can rotate 90° left and right with a micro-motor, the pitch angle can reach -10°~60°, the angle change speed is fast, and the work efficiency is high. It also has an emergency stop button, which is safe and reliable to operate.

The low-pressure system uses a self-priming two-stage centrifugal pump, and the water pump is driven by the chassis engine. It adopts a China’s first low-level flushing mode.

With front and rear sprinkler functions, it can not only be used for daily sprinkling, for humidification and dust reduction operations but also road cleaning operations. The optional configurations such as rear top spray, rear bottom spray, left, and right side watering is available.

Equipped with a left and right columnar side punching device, the nozzle angle can be adjusted by 360° left and right, and 360° up and down.

The high-pressure water gun located at the rear of the truck can be operated flexibly and can be used to spray objects of various heights. It can clean filthy corners that are not easy to reach.