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Kitchen Garbage Truck – FLM5180TCADG6

Kitchen Garbage Truck is developed independently by our company. It has the advantages of large loading volume, no secondary pollution, reliable and durable. This kitchen garbage truck can ensure that no leakage during transportation. This is truck also can be used to collect other daily garbage.


Main Parameters

Refuse Container Capacity (m³)


Discharge cycle time (s) 


Loading cycle time(s)


High Pressure Cleaning Pressure(MPa)  


Clean water tank volume(m³)



The dustbin box is made of SUS304 stainless steel material to ensure that it is not rusted all year round. The integral frame structure, large curved side arc box, and convexly curved rear door have strong resistance to deformation, long service life and strong loading capacity.

The push plate type self-unloading method is adopted, and the push plate adopts the overall inclined plate design to increase the effective volume of the garbage bin; the special thickened sealing rubber strip is used to increase the service life of the rubber strip, and the push plate can be pushed out of the box body, which is convenient for cleaning the push plate Department of garbage, good maintainability, improve work efficiency.

Equipped with sewage collection, discharge, and flushing devices, it can initially achieve solid-liquid separation, drain and collect excess sewage for uniform discharge, and can also be connected to a fire hydrant pipe to flush the sewage tank, which is environmentally safe and improves loading capacity and maintainability.

The vertical arrangement of the rear door cylinder seat is convenient for installation and maintenance, and the sequence valve is used to realize the opening and closing sequence of the rear door and the latch, which is reliable and reduces the cost.

Use special back door rubber strip and rubber strip groove to prolong the service life of the rubber strip and improve the sealing performance of the rear door.

A special back door anti-drip device is adopted to accept the swill water leaking when the back door is not sealed, the structure is simple, environmental protection and safety.

Equipped with a rear door safety strut device, when the rear door is opened for maintenance, the safety strut is propped up to prevent the rear door from accidentally falling and improve safety.

The right side of the box is equipped with hanging barrel, pressing barrel and supporting barrel structure, the main guide rail and auxiliary guide rail of the lifting frame, which can lift 120 and 240 liters of standard trash cans. The friction during the ascent is small, and the lifting mechanism does not open during the linear movement Smooth, safe and reliable; the lifting mechanism and the upper cover form a linkage mechanism through connecting rods and swing arms, which not only saves costs but also improves work efficiency.

The angle adjustment mechanism of the upper end of the guide rail and the adjustable connecting rod can be used to adjust the tilting angle of the trash can and the height of the tooth plate from the ground to avoid the problem that the trash cannot be dumped clean due to the insufficient tilt angle of the trash can. Strong, reduce production requirements.

The special anti-drip device of the lifting mechanism can effectively avoid the problem of sewage leakage during the lifting process, reduce secondary pollution, and protect the environment.

Equipped with feeding buffer device, the time for turning the barrel can be adjusted, feeding is stable, avoid splashing, and improve safety and environmental protection.

Equipped with night working lights, it is convenient to work at night and expand the working time range.

The vehicle-mounted hydraulic drive cleaning device can clean the vehicle, site and surrounding environment, with compact structure and good maintainability.

Optional rear view equipment with waterproof night vision and other functions.

Optional weighing system with functions of weighing, printing, uploading, displaying, locating, video monitoring, and trash card reading identification, mainly composed of four major parts, namely intelligent weighing equipment, receiving display instrument, intelligent terminal and Other car accessories and other components.

Optional sewage tank heating device is adopted, which uses an independent fuel liquid heater to heat the cooling fluid circulating in the heating pipe in the sewage tank through combustion heat exchange. It has the advantages of low fuel consumption, high thermal efficiency, and extremely low exhaust emissions. It is used for Solve the low temperature operation of the vehicle in winter and avoid the freezing situation of the sewage tank and the bottom plate of the box body.

Optional screw unloading device, in the sealed state with the back door closed, you can use the screw conveyor to discharge garbage from the discharge port cleanly, environmentally safe.

Optional automatic mode for lifting and unloading materials and pushing plate to unload, improve the vehicle’s level of intelligence and humanity, and reduce labor intensity.