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Haikou Longhua District Sanitation Integration PPP Project

Project Name: Haikou Longhua District Sanitation Integration PPP Project

Service Location: Haikou Longhua District

Total Operating Amount: 4.15 billion RMB

Years of Operation: 15 years

Project Content:

Mainly includes the urban roads within the jurisdiction of Longhua District and its visible range (including public event venues, Sanwu District, open areas, idle areas, Jiexin Streetside Park, small amusement park, etc.) cleaning and cleaning services, garbage collection, and transportation ( Including the removal and transportation of unowned construction waste), public toilet operation management, configuration and update management of special sanitation vehicles and facilities, and environmental sanitation guarantee in special cases.

Main Features of the Project:

  1. Assist Haikou’s “Double Innovation” Creative Technology Evaluation with high scores;
  2. Among the two three-in-one public sanitation service stations, the public toilets were the first to set up a third space station, and various media reported that they had achieved good social effects;
  3. Longhua District ranks first in the city’s civilization evaluation.

Project Operation Results:

  1. The service city awarded as the National civilized city and the National sanitary city.
  2. Accept all original personnel, including career establishment personnel to ensure a thorough integration reform.
  3. The mechanized operation rate has increased from less than 20% to more than 90%.
  4. The treatment and welfare of sanitation workers have increased, and the happiness index is high.