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Procurement of Tongyu County Urban Administration

Tongyu County Urban Administration purchased 83 sets of FULONGMA brand sanitation equipment with a total value of over 25 million RMB. This order includes equipment such as sweeper trucks, multi-functional dust suppression trucks, street sprinklers, compression garbage trucks, snow removal trucks, etc., which can meet the environmental development planning and operation requirements of Tongyu County.

This centralized procurement is the one in the history of environmental sanitation in Tongyu County that has the most purchase of vehicles, the largest investment, the most complete equipment, and the best products. It will definitely promote the structural upgrading of environmental sanitation vehicles in Tongyu County, and effectively improve the level of its mechanization of environmental sanitation operations, injecting new environmental protection concepts into road cleaning and street dust removal. It marks that the sanitation work of Tongyu County has entered a new era of clean and efficient.