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High-pressure Cleaning Truck – FLM5180GQXDF6P

This high-efficiency high-pressure cleaning vehicle developed by FULONGMA mainly uses high-pressure water to flush dust in order to clean and reduce dust on the roads. The truck has a multi-functional operation mode, featuring high-pressure cleaning, powerful decontamination, and efficient water saving. It is suitable for small streets, side streets, and other road sections.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Chassis Engine Model/Power(kW)


Auxiliary Engine Model/Power(kW)


Payload (kg)


Top Speed (km/h)


Tank Volume (m3)


Sprinkling Pump Model


Rear Water Gun Range (m)


Sprinkling Width (m)


Platform Lifting Height (mm)


Dimension (LxWxH)(mm)



It has an independent high- and low-pressure water system. The auxiliary engine drives the high-pressure water pump, and the chassis engine drives the low-pressure water pump.

It has the functions of high-pressure cleaning and sprinkling washing. The two functions can be used alone or in combination to clean roads.

The front high-pressure cleaning device is composed of three-stage cleaning bars, and the high-pressure water curtain can form a complete straight-line during cleaning. The outstretched washing bar has the ability to avoid obstacles.

It has a multi-angle dredging device for the cleaning of filthy corners of roads.

The self-priming two-stage centrifugal pump is adopted, and the water pump is driven by the chassis engine.

It has the functions of front flushing and rear sprinkling. The front and rear nozzles have different characteristics. The front nozzle has high flushing pressure and can flush six lanes at a time. The rear sprayers are suitable for cooling and dust reduction. Equipped with left-center cylindrical side flushing nozzles and right rear cylindrical side flushing nozzles, the angle can be adjusted.

The truck is controlled by a pneumatic system, all functions can be operated in the cab.