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High-pressure Sprinkler – FLM5180GQXDF6NG

This truck is the High-pressure Sprinkler developed by Fulongma. It is mainly use high-pressure water flow to wash the dust on the road, and wash the dust down into the drain to make the road clean. This truck has multi-function operation modes, high-pressure cleaning, force decontamination, water saving. It is the upgraded products of sprinkler, it can be widely used in sanitation, municipal, landscaping work.


Main Parameters

Vehicle fuel

Natural Gas

Auxiliary Engine Model

Yuchai YC4D120N-50

Sweeping Width (m) approx.


Water Tank Volume (m³) 


High Pressure Water Pump Pressure(Mpa)


Sprinkler pump flow(m³/h)


Sprinkling width(m)


Flushing Width (m)


Rear high injection range (m)



Using natural gas as fuel, natural gas vehicles are clean energy vehicles, which have the advantages of economy, environmental protection, safety and driving comfort.

It has two sets of independent high and low pressure waterway systems.

The auxiliary engine drives the high-pressure water pump, and the chassis engine drives the low-pressure water pump.

It has the functions of high-pressure cleaning and sprinkling and flushing. The two functions can be used alone or in combination to clean the roads with different pollution levels.

The front high-pressure cleaning device is composed of three sections of cleaning racks. During cleaning, the high-pressure water curtain is a complete straight line, and the extended cleaning arm has the function of self-obstacle avoidance.

With multi-angle single-point desilting function, it is used for clearing local dead ends of roads.

It has the functions of front rinsing and rear watering, and nozzles with different characteristics are used before and after. The front nozzle has high flushing pressure and can flush six lanes at a time; rear sprinkling is suitable for cooling and dust.

The vehicle is equipped with left and right cylindrical side punching devices.

The nozzle can be adjusted 360 ° left and right and 360 ° up and down.

The pneumatic system is adopted. All air valves are installed inside the air control box, which can effectively isolate water and dust and extend the service life of the air valve. The control switch is located inside the cab, and all road work functions can be operated in the cab.

The rear worktable is equipped with a high water spray gun with auxiliary fire protection function. The high water spray gun can be adjusted into a column or a mist.

The switch control valve and the sprinkler system pipes are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The tank body is treated by spraying alloy paint special process; SUS304 stainless steel tank body is optional.

The water tank is equipped with a low water level sensor alarm system, which can automatically alarm when the water level is low to prevent the water pump from being damaged due to lack of water.

Equipped with a pneumatic net antifreeze device to prevent damage to the sprinkler system components caused by residual water and icing in the water channel pipeline in winter.

Optional rear upper spray, rear lower spray, left and right side watering pipes, widened platform, sewer dredging device, single-point dredging device, rear operation indicator, front left automatic water gun, front right automatic water gun, The front sweeping brush enriches the functions of cleaning the car and realizes multi-use of one car.