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Guardrail Cleaning Truck – FLM5070GQXQL6H

This Guardrail Cleaning Truck is independently developed by our company to meet the market demand. The mechanization cleaning work not only improves the efficiency of Guardrail cleaning work, but also improved the safety of the sanitation labors when they need to clean the guardrail. It has the advantages of high working efficiency, safety operation and reliable, etc.


Main Parameters

Auxiliary Engine Model


Cleaning height(mm) 


Cleaning thickness (mm) 


Water Box Volume (m³)  


High Pressure Water Pump Pressure(Mpa)  



Adopt double-sided cleaning device, four sets of rolling brushes to clamp the isolation guardrail to rotate and wash, high-pressure water assisted flushing, electro-hydraulic control to clean the isolation guardrail, to ensure that the isolation guardrail is cleaned in all directions, without cleaning dead angle.

The auxiliary engine clutch adopts program-controlled automatic clutch, humanized operation, and effectively extend the service life of the auxiliary engine.

Set two working modes: low-pressure water washing and high-pressure water washing. You can choose the corresponding working mode according to the cleanliness of the isolation guardrail to achieve longer working time and more economical working efficiency.

Using intelligent control system, centralized control of electrical system and hydraulic system, simple operation, the driver can complete various actions in the cab.

The camera is used to monitor the roller brush scrubbing isolation fence in real time. The display screen is installed under the front windshield of the driver’s seat. The driver can instantly understand the status of the fence cleaning, ensuring the operation effect of the rail cleaning vehicle.

The hydraulic system is equipped with a hydraulic oil cooler and a hydraulic oil level alarm device, which improves the reliability and safety of the equipment and ensures the continuous and efficient operation of the guardrail cleaning vehicle.

A return alarm device for the guardrail cleaning mechanism is installed to ensure the safety of the vehicle during the transfer operation.

The safety interlocking device of the guardrail cleaning mechanism is adopted to improve the operation safety, even if the driver misuses it, it will not cause damage to the mechanism.

A swing arm guardrail cleaning device is used, and the one-key operation of the guardrail cleaning device is extended and lowered into place during operation, and the driver’s operation is more convenient and quick.

The roller sweeping brush is added with felt cloth bristles to increase the contact area during cleaning, to ensure that the isolation fence is fully cleaned and to avoid damage to the paint surface of the fence.

Optional right side guardrail cleaning device, the cleaning performance is the same as the left side.