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Food Waste Collection Truck – FLM5111TCAQL6

The FULONGMA wet waste collection truck is a multi-functional product with advanced performance, is reliable and durable, and has beautiful appearance. It is widely used in the collection and transfer of wet waste (swill) in central urban areas, residential areas, hotels, canteens, hospitals, and other areas.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Engine Model/Power (kW)


GVW (kg)


Top Speed (km/h)


Unloading Cycle Time (s)

≤65 (Ejector Unloading)/≤255 (Screw Unloading)

Garbage Tank Volume (m3)


Sewage Tank Volume (m3)


Clean Water Tank Volume (m3)


Dimension (Lx Wx H) (mm)



The truck has a frame structure as a whole, adopting large curved side arc and is made fully of all stainless-steel materials to ensure that it will not rust throughout the year.

The tailgate of the truck adopts an independent innovatively designed adjustable locking mechanism and a hydraulic system for safety protection. The double insurance mechanism effectively seals the garbage tank and the tailgate rubber strip to ensure the wet waste will keep closed during the collection and transportation process and prevents the wet waste from causing secondary pollution to the environment during transportation.

The tailgate is equipped with a sewage filter device, and the bottom of the container is equipped with a sewage collection and discharge device. The solid-liquid separation can be realized initially, and the excess sewage can be collected and discharged to achieve environmental protection and pollution-free operation.

There are dustbin lifting and fixing mechanisms on the right side of the truck, which can lift 120, 240 liters of standard dustbins. It has smooth movement and a high degree of automation.

The lifting mechanism and the upper cover form a linkage mechanism through a connecting rod and a swing arm. At the same time, a ejector type self-unloading method is adopted, which saves costs and improves work efficiency.

The optimized design of the operating system adopts a dedicated vehicle-mounted controller, which is easy to operate and easy to maintain.