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Electric Garbage Compactor Truck – FLM5080ZYSDGBEV

This truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle specially used for collecting and transporting garbage. It mainly collects and transports urban domestic garbage and is an ideal garbage collection and transportation vehicle for urban sanitation departments, factories, mines, and docks.


Main Parameters

Main Parameters


Chassis Model


Chassis Motor Model


Chassis Battery Mfr./Type/Capacity (kWh)

CATL/Lithium iron Phosphate Battery/162.28

Top Speed (km/h)


Travel Range (km)


Compression Method

Two Way Compression

Compactor Working Cycle Time (s)


Dumping Cycle Time (s)


Lifter Cycle Time (s)


Garbage Tank Volume (m3)


Sewage Tank Volume (L)


Garbage Compression Density (t/m3)


Maximum Crushing Force (kN)


Maximum Pushing Force (kN)


Hydraulic System Working Pressure (Mpa)


External Size (L*W*H)(mm) (Standard)



The U-shaped integrally formed truss slot with Japanese technology is adopted as the movable guide rail of the garbage pushing plate, which has strong pressure resistance and good deformation resistance.

The main components such as the garbage container are made of high-strength weather-resistant steel plates with arc-shaped design, which has beautiful appearance, large effective volume, outstanding overall structural performance, and strong impact resistance.

A sealing cover plate is set at the opening of the hopper, which can effectively prevent the secondary pollution of garbage and odor.

Equipped with a large-capacity sewage tank, combined with a diversion sewage collection device, the sewage that leaks between the hopper and the garbage container due to any failure of the sealing strip can be drained into the special sewage collection tank, effectively preventing the leakage of sewage and secondary pollution.

The joint between the hopper and the box adopts adjustable hydraulic locking and full sealing technology, which has good sealing performance.

The sliding block of the push plate is made of high wear resistance alloy material which has a long service life.

There are multiple safety protection measures such as the sliding board up and the scraper up button, the emergency stop button, the interlock switch to prevent the hopper from falling, the safety brace, and the self-locking function of the hopper lifting cylinder to ensure the safety of personnel.

Using the intelligent control system, centralized control can be achieved from the cab. With automatic and manual dual control modes, it can control the garbage truck operation in the cab, the middle of the vehicle, and the rear of the vehicle, which is convenient and efficient.

Equipped with night work lights, convenient for sanitation workers to work at night.

Equipped with a two-way compression function, high compression efficiency, and large garbage loading capacity. When unloading, after the hopper is lifted in place, the scraper and slide plate automatically initiate a cycle to remove the garbage remaining in the hopper.

Various types of garbage lifting devices can be equipped depending on user needs.