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Hook-lift Garbage Truck – FLM5311ZXXZJ6

This carriage detachable garbage collection truck is the latest garbage collection and transferring truck which designed to meet different customers’ needs. This truck is suitable for the garbage collection and transportation for the place where larger truck cannot enter, such as small streets, communities, factories, living area and campus, etc.


Main Parameters

Maximum Lifting Weight(t)


Tipping Angle(°)


Hydraulic System Working Pressure(MPa)


Disconnecting Time(s)


Disconnecting Cycle Time(s)




The truck integrates loading, transportation, and self-dumping without auxiliary equipment and is convenient and simple to operate. One vehicle can be equipped with multiple tanks for circular transportation, improving vehicle efficiency, and reducing costs.

The truck is converted from a 31-ton chassis with ZZ1317N326GF1 National VI emission. The chassis has a large load capacity, and the MC07.34-60 engine equipped with powerful horsepower is economical and environmentally friendly.

The wire rope traction device adopts a complete set of equipment, which is safe and reliable, lightweight, and high loading quality. Its key components are made of high-strength steel, which has high wear resistance, durability, and reliable connection. The main welding seam adopts ultrasonic flaw detection, which makes the vehicle safe and stable.

The truck adopts a bridge supporting and stabilizing device, which can effectively prevent the cab from tilting during the process of loading and dumping. The truck can work on soft ground and sloping ground.

The connection alarm device and safety device between the chassis and the tank body are set to ensure that the dumping operation cannot be performed when the hydraulic quick coupling is connected to the tank body. The safety of operation can be ensured even if the operator misuses.

All operations can be completed in the cab, which is simple and convenient and can reduce the labor intensity of operators. The connection between the chassis and the self-loading and dumping system is made of a high-quality steel plate, which is safe, stable, and reliable.
The self-loading and dumping device is equipped with a safety lock so that the tank body will not shake when the vehicle is driving. When the unloading angle exceeds 45°, there is an automatic stop or alarm function. The collision between the container and the beam above the unloading platform can be avoided.

Optional aluminum alloy protection device, which helps to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle.