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High-efficiency Street Washing & Sweeping Truck – FLM5181TXSDG6S

The FULONGMA high-efficiency street sweeping & washing truck is the latest low-noise and high-performance scrubber truck. The truck integrates the functions of road sweepers and high-pressure cleaning trucks. It is an ideal cleaning and washing vehicle for urban sanitation departments, factories, mines, and docks.


Main Parameters

Chassis Model


Chassis Motor Model



Chassis Engine Power(kW)



Auxiliary Engine Model


Auxiliary Engine Power(kW)


Gross Vehicle Weight(kg)


Curb Weight(kg)






Top Speed(km/h)




External Size(L×W×H)(mm)



Maximum Flushing Time(min)


Flushing Width(m)


Flushing Speed(km/h)


Cleaning Water Tank Volume (m³)


Garbage Tank Volume(m³)



The truck uses a new “high pressure, small flow” cleaning system. Its high-efficiency power system design can achieve longer continuous operation times, lower energy consumption, and lower operation noise under the same clean rate. Compared to the same model, the water spraying operation time of this truck is increased by 107.6%, the operation noise is reduced by 3.7 decibels, and the operation fuel consumption is reduced by 35%. The truck tank body adopts a folded rib structure, which makes the tank body uniformly stressed, strong in structural performance, and beautiful.

The working device adopts the layout form of “center-mounted four-pan sweep + center-mounted V-shaped water spray frame + center-mounted double-suction narrow nozzle structure” and has a variety of operating modes to realize road cleaning and washing.

The original V-shaped nozzle and semi-surrounding nozzle are arranged without gaps, which can effectively collect all the cleaned sewage and garbage to nozzles and absorb it to the sewage tank so there will be no dust and water left on roads. The street cleaning, scrubbing, and sewage recycling are better.

Using hydraulic floating sweeping automatic adjustment technology. It can keep the contact force of the sweeping brush and the ground at a fixed value, so that the contact surface of the sweeping brush and the ground remains unchanged, and can be automatically compensated after wear, without manual adjustment, ensuring that the cleaning efficiency is not affected.

The garbage tank is made fully of stainless steel and will never rust.

The vehicle has a variety of safety alarm devices: low water level of the clean water tank, high water level of the sewage trash can, operation reminder, auxiliary engine water temperature, oil pressure, reversing reminder, hydraulic oil leakage, garbage tank tipping, and reset reminder, rear door opening, and closing safety alarm devices, etc. Equipped with a low-pressure sprinkler system, the front nozzle has high flushing pressure and can flush six lanes at a time. It also has a left cylindrical side punch and a right cylindrical side punch device, and the nozzle can be adjusted arbitrarily.