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Wall Cleaning Truck – FLM5180TXQDF6

With the continuous advancement of domestic basic roads and highways, high-speed tunnels and road noise screens are increasing, and the workload of tunnel cleaning is increasing. At present, manual cleaning of tunnels is the mainstream of tunnel cleaning, and the efficiency of manual cleaning of tunnels is low ,flower The labor cost is high, and there are certain hidden safety risks. To meet the market demand, the wall cleaning vehicle developed by our company adopts a lightweight design, humanized operation, intelligent control, high reliability and operation mode. Diverse, able Enough to greatly improve operating efficiency.


Main Parameters

Clean water tank volume (m³)


Washing tank volume (m³)


Cleaning brush specifications(mm)

φ1200 × L2000

Inside cleaning height (m)

0.5 ~ 4.5

Outside cleaning height (m)

0.75 ~ 4.1

Height across the sound insulation wall (m)


High-pressure water pump flow (L/min)


High-pressure pump pressure (MPa)


Sprinkler pump flow (m³/h)


Sprinkler head (m)


Hedge width (m)



It has three sets of independent water system, such as rolling water spray, low pressure water spray and high pressure car washing gun. It adopts hydraulic motor to drive high pressure water pump and diaphragm pump, and chassis engine drives low pressure water pump.

It has the functions of wall tunnel cleaning and pavement sprinkling . Both functions can be used separately, and can also be used together.

The working arm is designed with a five-section arm structure and adopts the bionics principle, so that the working device can quickly clean the inside and outside of the soundproof screen.

The center-mounted operation room with independent operation is located between the cleaning brush arm and the chassis cab, which can clear the obstacles in front of the cleaning brush, avoid obstacles in time, and avoid hurting the operator when the vehicle is rear-end collision. The operation room is equipped with air conditioning, which is comfortable Safe, at the same time equipped with an operating box placement platform, reducing the labor intensity of the operator.

The vehicle is equipped with left and right cylindrical side punching devices. The nozzle can be adjusted 360 ° left and right and 360 ° up and down.

The vehicle is controlled by a pneumatic system. All air valves are installed inside the air control box, which can effectively isolate water and dust and extend the service life of the air valve. The control switch is located inside the cab, and all road work functions can be operated in the cab.

The vehicle is equipped with a large-speed ratio transmission device. The transmission device has two speed ratios, which are used in two modes of transition and operation. The vehicle runs at a speed of 1-5km / h in the operation mode, which can fully wash the wall surface. , To achieve a net cleaning effect and improve the operating efficiency; the maximum driving speed of the whole vehicle in the transition mode can reach 89km / h, which can quickly realize the vehicle transition operation.

The roller brush holder has a fixed-distance cleaning function, which senses the distance between the roller brush holder and the wall surface through ultrasonic waves, and feeds back the bodywork control system, which automatically adjusts the distance between the roller brush holder and the wall surface through a hydraulic cylinder, reducing the driver’s work strength.

The switch control valve and the sprinkler system pipes are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The tank body is treated by spraying alloy paint special process; SUS304 stainless steel tank body is optional.

The water tank is equipped with a low water level sensor alarm system, which can automatically alarm when the water level is low to prevent the water pump from being damaged due to lack of water.

Equipped with a pneumatic net antifreeze device to prevent damage to the sprinkler system components caused by residual water and icing in the water pipe in winter.

Equipped with a hand-held high-pressure water gun, it can be used to wash vehicles, roads and walls.

The laser positioning system is installed in the cab to facilitate the driver to drive the vehicle, ensuring the operation effect and driving safety.