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Water Truck – FLM5070GQXJQ6S

It’s the highly-efficient special purpose vehicle for washing road developed by Fulongma. It is mainly use low-level and smooth water flow to wash the dust on the road, and bring it down into the drainage pipe to achieve a clean and cooling effect. This truck has multi-function operation modes to be suitable for sanitation, municipal, landscaping work.


Main Parameters

Tank Volume (m³)


Sprinkler Head(m)


Sprinkler pump flow(m³/h)


Flushing Width (m)


Rear high injection range (m)



The well-known brand self-priming centrifugal pump is adopted, and the water pump is driven by the chassis engine through the transmission shaft, and the work is stable and the transmission efficiency is high; the domestic low-level flushing work mode is adopted

The high water spray gun at the rear of the body is flexible in operation and has a wide working angle range. It can be used for watering trees at various heights and positions along the roadside. At the same time, the operator can communicate with the driver in language or gestures during the operation. Improve the safety of the operation. In addition, the high water spray gun also has an auxiliary fire protection function.

The high water spray gun can be adjusted into a column or a mist.

 Equipped with front and left sprinklers and rear left and right cylindrical side punches, with adjustable nozzles.

Two rear sprinklers are installed at the rear bumper for daily watering, which can increase humidity and reduce dust.

Operation functions such as left and right side flushing, front and back watering can be operated directly in the cab.

The switch control valves and sprinkler system pipes are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The water storage tank is made of high-strength steel plate, and the inside is treated by a special process to prevent corrosion.

The water tank is equipped with a low water level sensor alarm system, which can automatically alarm when the water level is low.