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The ultimate secret to saving money – natural gas garbage trucks

2022-09-07 14:40:36

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The chassis engine is a National VI emission Yuchai natural gas engine. Cars powered by natural gas are clean energy vehicles, and they have the following benefits in particular.

Economy: Each LNG truck saves between 20% and 30% in costs when compared to diesel trucks of the same horsepower range, does not accumulate carbon, does not contaminate the oil, does not require frequent oil changes, reduces the need for maintenance, lowers maintenance costs, increases engine life, and lessens abnormal wear and tear.

natural gas garbage trucks

Protection of the environment: LNG has a methane concentration of more than 90%, is more thoroughly sulfur-removed, and is simple to fulfill emission limits.

Safety: high ignition point (623°C), low pressure (0.62MPa), low temperature (-162°C).

Good driving comfort: LNG has a higher octane rating than 97# gasoline now on the market. It also has superior anti-explosion, is quiet, and runs smoothly.

Other performance features:
Utilizing a moving guide for the garbage pushing plate made of high-strength U-shaped overall forming truss groove, a Japanese invention that has good deformation resistance and a large capacity for pressure.

Shanghai Baosteel B480GNQR high-strength weather-resistant steel plate is used to make the garbage can and other major parts. This steel plate also features an arc design, which is elegant and simple and has a large effective volume. It also has an outstanding overall structural performance and a high impact resistance.

With its large capacity sewage tank, inflow type sewage collection device, and flexible and dependable sewage tank cleaning door sealing device (national patent technology), it can effectively stop secondary pollution brought on by sewage leaks. Sewage leaks that occur between the filler and the garbage tank body due to the failure of the sealing tape can be diverted to the special sewage collection tank.

natural gas garbage trucks