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2020-03-31 16:38:32

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– To deeper impletment Country New Energy Vehicle Development Strategy, we adhere to the concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and Shared development. After long-term technology accumulation and users market research, FULONGMA closely monitor developing trend of the market of new energy sanitation equipment, pushing new energy products , vigorously promote the strategic layout of new energy products, and spare no effort to create more than ten new energy products, which can meet the needs of urban and rural environmental cleaning, garbage collection and transportation and other fields.

Electrical sprinkler  FLM5180GQXDFBEVS


Pure electrical compression garbage truck             FLM5120ZYSDTBEV、FLM5180ZYSDFBEVK

– With the advantages of good performance, zero emission,low consumption, convenient operation and high cost performance. It is of great significance to city energy conservation, lower emission, nosies reduction.

Electrical pavement maintaining truck  FLM5040TYHDTBEV

Pure electrical garbage bin carrier  FLM5040CTYDTBEV

– Adopting the most technologically advanced new energy chassis,integrating the technical research and development work of vehicle energy optimization and matching, lightweight design of upper part, and efficiency optimization of core operating system, to realize integration of upper body and chassis, compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, effectively improve vehicle driving range and operating time.

Pure electrical road sweeper  FLM5120TSLDTBEV


Pure electrical detachable container garbage truck   FLM5040CTYDTBEV

– Equipped with the most advanced integrated pure electric intelligent control system and adopts CAN control technology to integrate the upper control system with the chassis control system for reliable performance and easy operation.
Make full use of intelligent net connection technology, to realize comprehensive data tracing and monitoring during the vehicle operation,improve the safety in driving and operation. 

Electrical road washing and sweeping truck                  FLM5120TXSDTBEV、FLM5180TXSDFBEV

Pure electrical self-loading&discharging garbage truck   FLM5040ZZZDTBEVH