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FULONGMA New Light-weight Fecal Suction Truck Came into the Market

2020-03-31 16:47:17

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Recently, the new light-weight fecal suction truck independently developed by FULONGMA came out. This model is reliable in quality, with novel appearance. It can be widely used in urban and rural public toilets and septic- tank for suction and transporting. The vacuum suction and fully sealed structure avoid secondary pollution to the surrounding environment during operation.



Working principle:
Adopting vacuum suction to take off power from the chassis, to drive the vacuum pump operate sucking the air from the tank, which make tank inside vacuum, finally pressing waste liquid outside through suction pipe into tank with the help of pressure difference  between inside and outside. Oppositely,it can achieve backflow function through four-way valve .

1.Light-weight:Circular tank body design, the tank body bottom frame is unique in split light-weight structure, the toolbox and vacuum tube are made of light material in one body, which make the vehicle with light weight.

2. Humanity:Suction mouth adopting the suction amphibious infusion device, which can rotate 360 ° with quick dredge cleaning window, can be also used for suction and exhausting work at the same time; When the tank is full, the warning device will automatically prompt. The left and right side of the tank are equipped with an oversized toolbox, which can easily accommodate large operating tools.

3. Environmental-friendly:Original deodorization device,small in size,high deodorization efficiency, which can avoid exhaust from vacuum pump causing secondary pollution to the surrounding environment.