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FULONGMA Garbage Compactor Truck Participated in the Ecology of Big City Exhibition in Russia

2021-04-07 17:24:34

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On March 23, the Russian Ecology of Big City exhibition opened in St. Petersburg. The FULONGMA’s 6.5 cubic garbage truck body was shown at the exhibition. This body is matched with an electric chassis to provide a clean and environmentally friendly waste transfer solution for the local area. It is reported that the expo is the largest convention and exhibition event in the end of environmental protection, nature conservation, as well as environmental protection equipment, technologies, and services in the North-West of Russia.

The truck uses a high-strength U-shaped integrally formed truss slot as the movable guide rail of the garbage ejector, which has strong pressure resistance and good deformation resistance. And it’s equipped with a two-way compression function, high compression efficiency, large garbage loading capacity. The hopper is also specially equipped with hydraulic buffering devices for lifting, scrapers, and sliding plates, which can reduce the impact of the mechanism. When used with a pure electric chassis, it can greatly reduce operating noise and ensure the service life of key components. This model is very suitable for garbage transfer and collection in densely populated areas.

Learn more about the product: Compression Refuse Collector – FLM5070ZYSQL6 (