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Natural Gas Garbage Compactor Truck – FLM5180ZYSDG6NGGW

The non-leakage garbage compactor truck adopts a ship-shaped structure at the rear, which can store a large amount of sewage. Combined with the adjustable tailgate sealing technology and the lock hook locking device, it can realize the compression compensation function of the sealing rubber strip and effectively solve the problem of sewage dripping. This model is suitable for the collection and transfer of wet garbage, or the collection and transfer of domestic garbage with high water content.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Engine Model / Power (kW)


LNG Tank Volume (L)


Top Speed (km/h)


Compression Cycle Time (s)


Unloading Cycle Time (s)


Lifter Cycle Time (s)


Garbage Tank Volume (m3)


Sewage Tank Volume (L)


Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)



The rear part of the tank adopts a ship-shaped design to form a closed sewage tank, which can store a large amount of sewage. The tailgate is equipped with an adjustable mechanical-hydraulic coupling locking device to ensure reliable sealing and prevent secondary pollution problems such as sewage dripping.

Compression mechanism (national patent technology) is arranged on the top of the tank. And there is no hopper, the rear overhang is short, and the maneuverability is good.

The lifting mechanism adopts the lifting base support device, which can eliminate the error generated during the preparation, make the mechanism move smoothly, and extend the service life of the lifting mechanism.

Adopt the rear-loading method (national patent technology), and garbage can be compressed by the compression mechanism on the top of the tank. During normal driving, the compression mechanism can replace the cover function to keep the garbage in a sealed state.

The sliding block of the ejector is made of high wear resistance alloy material with long service life.

The truck is equipped with two different materials of side guardrails, which users can choose according to their needs.

When unloading, open the tailgate and use an ejector to unload to ensure that the garbage is cleaned.

Equipped with an emergency brake button for the whole truck.