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Multi-functional Dust Suppression Truck – FLM5250TDYDF6G

The lifted dust suppression truck is modified based on the traditional multi-functional dust suppression truck by adding a folding lifting arm, which can lift the mist cannon to a high altitude for spraying operations. It greatly improves the working range of the dust suppression truck and is mainly suitable for working areas sheltered by buildings and trees.


Main Parameters

Tank Volume(L)


Horizontal Spraying Range(m)


Lifted Spraying Range(m)


Maximum Lifting Height(m)


Spraying Capacity(L/min)


Spraying Pressure(Mpa)


Mist Cannon Pitch Angle(°)


Rotation Angle(°)


Remote Control Distance(m)





The truck can be used for low-altitude operations just like a traditional dust suppression truck, as well as for high-altitude operations. It is equipped with a rotating lifting arm, which can lift the mist cannon up to 20 meters for spraying operations.
The truck is equipped with a set of outrigger jacks. When performing high-altitude spray operations, these jacks need to be extended to ensure that the truck can remain within the set horizontal angle range during work.

The auxiliary engine of the truck adopts Cummins QSB5.9-C210-30 engine that meets the China III emission standard. The driving hydraulic system of the auxiliary engine provides power for special equipment such as mist cannon, lifting arms, and rotating tables.

The truck adopts an environmentally friendly air-blow mist cannon, which has a compact structure, long-range, small fog particles, large coverage area, and can be operated manually or remotely. The sprayer is driven by the hydraulic system and can rotate 90° left and right and pitch up and down -10°~45°. The angle change speed is quick and the work efficiency is high.