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Mobile MBR Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment

The product adopts a mature and reliable process combining A/O biochemical treatment and MBR biological treatment so that conventional domestic sewage can reach the reuse and discharge standards steadily.



  1. The process is mature, stable, and reliable, and the operation cycle is also flexible and variable. This equipment has a strong impact load resistance, can achieve excessive biological oxidation, simultaneous nitrification, and denitrification to remove CODcr in sewage with high treatment efficiency and good effluent quality.
  2. Adopt advanced A/O process combined with the MBR process to treat wastewater to ensure the discharge of effluent up to standard.
  3. The whole process system can realize intelligent operation and automatic control, operation and maintenance are extremely convenient, reducing personnel costs.
  4. Short process period, high treatment efficiency, small occupation of land, good effluent quality.
  5. The manufacture of integrated equipment is completed in the factory, the processing cycle is controllable, and the quality is reliable.
  6. Simple on-site installation, short construction period, no need for construction of structural concrete structures.
  7. It belongs to decentralized in-situ processing equipment. It does not require long sewer pipes to collect and process centrally, and the construction cost is low.
  8. The integrated system realizes equipmentization, convenient disassembly and assembly, small space constraints, and flexible layout.