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Leachate DTRO Treatment Equipment

For the treatment of different types of landfill leachate in landfills, incineration plants, waste transfer stations, etc., FULONGMA has developed and manufactured container-type, fixed-station, vehicle-mounted DTRO equipment and complete solutions with fast response and high flexibility, small occupation of land, etc. It has strong response and disposal capabilities in a large-scale, emergency, new construction, renovation, and expansion projects.



The integrated equipment for leachate treatment adopts DTRO technology to process landfill leachate. The leachate in the adjustment tank is lifted by the pump to the raw water tank of the integrated equipment for pH adjustment, and after the pretreatment that passing through the basket filter, sand filter, and core filter, it is lifted by the first-level high-pressure pump to enter the first-level DTRO system, and the first-level produced water is raised by the second-level high-pressure pump to enter the second-level DTRO system. The first-level concentrated water is discharged to the concentrated liquid storage tank and waiting for recharge treatment, and the second-level produced water enters the degassing tower for blow-off treatment and reaches the discharge standard. The secondary concentrated water returns to the pretreatment system and merges with the original liquid to continue processing.



Fast delivery, short delivery cycle, and sufficient inventory;

Fast installation. Installation and commissioning can be completed within one week after the equipment arrives;

After-sales service responds quickly, with 57 offices nationwide.


Stable separation performance and high effluent quality;

The system is stable, and the resistance to water quality impact load is high;

Stable equipment, mature technology, standardized products, various cases;

High system recovery rate and low energy consumption;

Core components are from internationally renowned brands.


Simple operation and automatic operation;

Simple maintenance, few chemical operations, and digital operation;

Simple process simplified pretreatment;

The equipment is simple, the flexible and compact modular unit is easy to transport and install, no need for large construction projects.


  1. Large effective volume and high degree of fermentation

The large effective volume of the fermentation chamber can ensure the residence time of the materials to fully ferment, guarantee the performance indicators of the output, enhance the output fertilizer value and effect; at the same time, the design of the sub-bin in the fermentation chamber effectively avoids the mixing of materials in different fermentation stages, preventing the output from “half-ripe” condition.

  1. Efficient deoil and desalination system

In addition to sorting, crushing, dehydrating, conveying, the equipment is additionally equipped with a water washing process, which plays the role of oil and salt removal, greatly reducing the oil and salt content of the material, ensuring the normal growth of microorganisms, and generating high-quality fermentation products.

  1. The technology is mature and stable

It can realize continuous feeding and discharge for 24 hours without any time limit. Timed ventilation and aeration to avoid the acidification of the fermented products caused by partial anaerobic and improve the fermentation effect.

  1. Intelligent monitoring

According to the needs of the project, the site and remote monitoring system can be configured to monitor the site situation in real-time through the computer and mobile terminal to realize the visualization of site operations.

  1. Safe and reliable

The equipment adopts electric heating (water circulation) heating technology to prevent the temperature from being too high and is equipped with heating overload protection, which is safe and reliable.