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PPP project on collection and transportation and disposal of urban and rural domestic garbage in Liuzhi Special Zone

The Liuzhi Special Zone Domestic Waste Incineration and Power Generation Project is one of the Liuzhi Longma Environmental Domestic Waste Cleaning, Disposal, and Disposal PPP projects, located 6.8km from the central urban area of Liuzhi, with a construction area of 62 acres.

The estimated total investment of the project is 24414 million RMB. It is planned to complete the equipment installation and commission the facilities and equipment in July. After the operation of the project, it not only saves the waste disposal costs of Liuzhi Special Zone but also uses the thermal energy generated by incineration to generate electricity, with an annual power generation of 61.535 million kWh and an annual treatment capacity of 182,500 tons. It will realize the reduction, recycling, and harmless treatment of domestic garbage in Liuzhi Special Zone, and give the gallery Liuzhi a green and green mountain ecological environment.