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Hook-lift Garbage Truck – FLM5310ZXXDF6

This vehicle is a new type of garbage transfer truck with a detachable mechanism developed by FULONGMA, which can be widely used in garbage disposal in cities, streets, schools, etc. One truck can be mounted with different mobile garbage containers while maintaining the transfer of several garbage collection stations, which is highly efficient. The container body has a sealed design, which can prevent secondary pollution.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Engine Model/Power (kW)




Lifting Capacity (t)


Hydraulic System Rated Pressure (MPa)


Dumping Angle ( ° )


Dimension (Lx Wx H) (mm)



The truck integrates functions of loading, transportation, and self-dumping without auxiliary equipment. It is convenient and simple to operate.

One truck can be mounted with different containers for circular transportation to improve vehicle efficiency and reduce costs.

The hook arm system adopts a complete set of equipment, which is safe, reliable, lightweight, and has a large loading capacity.

The hook arm system adopts a sliding arm articulated structure, which is convenient for hooking in, easy for maintenance, and has a smaller height limit for lifting and unloading containers.

The truck is equipped with a rear support stabilization device, which can effectively prevent the head of the vehicle from tilting during the dumping process, allowing the truck to perform operations on both soft and sloping ground.

Equipped with alarm devices and safety devices connecting the chassis and the mobile garbage container to ensure that the disconnecting operation cannot be performed when the chassis power wiring harness is connected to the mobile container. Even if the operator misuses it, the safety of the circuit system can be guaranteed.

The optional cleaning system can be used to clean the truck and container after the garbage is dumped. It can also clean the sealing rubber strip and the joint surface of the rubber strip on the tailgate of the mobile container, which can effectively improve the service life of the sealing strip and ensure a good long-term sealing performance of the garbage container.