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Garbage Compactor Truck – FLM5060ZYSJL6

FULONGMA introduced the international advanced technology to develop this small compact garbage truck. The truck is dexterously maneuverable and can be suitable for the collection and transfer of domestic garbage in underground parking garages such as living quarters, narrow streets, and commercial buildings. It is an ideal garbage collection and transportation vehicle for urban sanitation departments, factories, mines, and docks.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Chassis Engine Model/Power(kW)




Top Speed (km/h)


Garbage Tank Volume (m3)


Sewage Tank Volume (L)


Compression Density (t/㎡)


Hydraulic System Pressure (MPa)


Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)



The main components such as the ejector are made of high-strength weather-resistant steel plate, which has high strength, strong corrosion-resistance, and long service life.

The side guard is assembled by aluminum alloy beams and high-quality profile brackets, with a simple and beautiful appearance.

There are two sewage tanks, the volume of the left sewage tank at the bottom of the tank is 130L, and the volume of the sewage tank at the bottom of the filler is 100L. Combined with the diversion type sewage collection device, the sewage that leaked between the hopper and the garbage tank due to the failure of the sealing strip can be drained into the special sewage collection box. It is equipped with a flexible, reliable, and easy-to-adjust sewage tank sealing device, effectively prevent secondary pollution caused by sewage leakage.

The product adopts a modular design, can be equipped with buckets, tipping buckets, and a variety of compatible lifting mechanisms, which have high-cost performance.

The main components such as the garbage tank are made of high-strength weather-resistant steel plates, and are designed with an arc shape, which is simple and beautiful, has a large effective volume, outstanding overall structural performance, and strong impact resistance.

The operation is humanized. The driver can complete various operations in the cab and can choose the control box button or multi-way valve handle to operate according to the actual situation.