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Electric Wet Waste Collection Truck – FLM5080TCADGBEV

As a newly released garbage collection and transportation truck, this truck has significant advantages such as large garbage loading, zero secondary pollution, reliability, and durability, and can ensure that all types of wet waste are in a sealed state during the entire transportation process. At the same time, this truck can also be used for the collection and transportation of other domestic garbage.


Main Parameters

Main Parameters FLM5080TCADGBEV
Chassis Model EQ1081KACEVJ1
Chassis Motor Model TZ262XSSFX02
Chassis Battery Mfr./Type/Capacity (kWh) CATL/Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery/162.28
Chassis Battery Energy Density (Wh/kg) 146
Maximum Net Power/Rotating Speed (kW/ (r/min)) 120/4500
Rated Power/Rotating Speed (kW/(r/min)) 60/3180
Travel Range (km) 280
Lifter Cycle Time (s) ≤20
Garbage Tank Volume (m3) ≥4.3
Sewage Tank Volume (m3) ≥0.25
Clean WaterTank Volume (m3) ≥0.25
Hydraulic System Maximum Pressure (Mpa) 16
External Size (L*W*H) (mm) 6610x2140x2620


The truck is made entirely of stainless steel materials, which can guarantee long-term use without rust, providing a long service life.

The truck adopts a push-plate dumping method. The push plate is designed in an integrally inclined shape, which can increase the available volume of the garbage tank.

The lifting mechanism can lift standard trash bins of 120, 240 liters, and the friction force during the ascending process is small. The lifting mechanism moves in a straight line when it is active, does not open during the whole process, and moves smoothly, safely, and reliably. A special anti-leak device of the lifting mechanism is also adopted, which can effectively avoid the problem of sewage dripping during the lifting process of the trash bin, reduce secondary pollution, and is environmentally friendly and safe.

The truck is equipped with sewage collection, discharge, and washing devices, which can initially achieve solid-liquid separation, and collect and discharge excess sewage in a unified manner.

The truck is equipped with night work lights, which is convenient for workers to work at night and expands the working hours. The truck is also equipped with a hydraulic drive cleaning device, which can clean the truck body, the site, and the surrounding environment. The device has a compact structure and good maintainability.

Optional spiral unloading device, when the tailgate is closed, the garbage can be unloaded from the unloading port through the spiral conveyor.

Optional lifting loading, push plate unloading, and automatic spiral unloading modes. Improved level of intelligence and humanization of the entire vehicle, and reduce labor intensity.