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Electric Hook-lift Garbage Truck – FLM5180ZXXDLBEV

As a newly released small garbage collection and transportation vehicle, this truck is suitable in areas where large vehicles cannot enter, as well as areas that allow for high operating noise. It is suitable for front-end garbage collection and transportation in small streets, living quarters, factory and mine living areas, campuses and other places.


Main Parameters

Main Parameters


Chassis Model


Chassis Motor Model


Chassis Motor Power (kW)


Chassis Motor Type

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Chassis Battery Capacity(kWh)


Chassis Battery Type/Manufacturer

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery/CATL

Wheelbase (mm)


Travel Range (km)


Lifting Capacity of Hook Arm System (t)


Maximum Tipping Angle (°)


Hydraulic System Working Pressure(MPa)


Loading Time (s)


Dumping Time (s)


Dumping Cycle Time (s)


External Size (L*W*H) (mm)



The truck integrates loading, transportation, and self-unloading, and can be used without other auxiliary equipment. The operation is convenient and simple.

One truck can be used with multiple boxes to achieve circular transportation. It can improve the efficiency of the truck and reduce the cost. The pull arm is designed as an integral structure, which is convenient for adjustment and maintenance.

It is reformed from short-wheelbase chassis. The truck is mobile and flexible and is suitable for passing in narrow areas. The chassis is a pure electric chassis, which is economical and environmentally friendly with low noise.

All operations can be completed from the cab, and the operation is simple and convenient, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

The hydraulic system uses a power unit to take power to control the operation of the hook arm system.

The hook arm is made of high-quality steel plates with high wear resistance and durability. The lifting hook is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel, which is firm and reliable.

The connecting parts of the chassis and the hook arm system are made of high-quality steel plates, which are safe, stable and reliable. It also adopts an interlocking device that combines electrical and mechanical functions and is safe and reliable. When the truck is moving, the compartment will not uncouple.

The truck body adopts a fully enclosed design, there will be no leakage of sewage during the transfer, which solves the problem of secondary pollution and makes it more environmentally friendly.