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Dustbin Cleaning Truck – FLM5080TQXJL6

This truck adopts a high-pressure washing combined with a rolling brush cleaning mode, which can simultaneously clean 120L or 240L standard plastic dustbin in all directions. At the same time, it also has multiple modes such as single cleaning, double cleaning, high-temperature cleaning, and detergent cleaning. It has high cleaning efficiency, 60 dustbins can be cleaned per hour. It is equipped with a one-key cleaning function, which is convenient and quick to operate. It adopts a flip-down rear door structure with good safety.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Chassis Engine Model/Power(kW)


Top Speed (km/h)




Clean Water Tank Volume (L)


Sewage Tank Volume (L)


Detergent Tank volume (L)


Available Dustbin Size

120L/240L Standard Bin

Dimension (LxWxH)(mm)



Compact structure and beautiful appearance: The car adopts three-dimensional design methods and means for overall appearance and structure design, component design, and virtual assembly of components. The structure of the car is compact, reasonable, and beautiful.

High operating efficiency: each cleaning mechanism in the cleaning bin can perform powerful cleaning of all parts of the trash bin at the same time. Each cleaning cycle is only 90 seconds, and 60 trash cans can be cleaned per hour.

Good cleaning effect: The truck adopts a rolling brush + high-pressure water flushing cleaning mode to clean the trash can in all directions without dead ends to ensure a high cleanliness rate.

Multiple cleaning modes: Single and double bin cleaning modes can be selected according to actual needs, which are close to actual needs and save water resources. At the same time, heating or dosing modes can be appropriately selected according to the adhesion of dustbins to forcefully remove various stubborn stains and disinfect the dustbins.

One-key cleaning: Support one-key cleaning function. After the trash can is clamped, just press the one-button cleaning button to complete all cleaning operations, which is convenient and quick.

The safety of the flip-down tailgate is guaranteed: The truck adopts the design of the flip-down tailgate, which is integrated with the lifting mechanism and the clamping mechanism, which can effectively protect the safety of the operators.