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Natural Gas Hook-lift Garbage Truck – FLM5180ZXXDF6NG

This carriage detachable garbage collection truck is the latest garbage collection and transferring truck which designed to meet different customers’ needs. This truck is suitable for the garbage collection and transportation for the place where larger truck cannot enter, such as small streets, communities, factories, living area and campus, etc.


Main Parameters

Vehicle fuel

Natural Gas

Maximum Lifting Capacity of Hook arm(t)


Maximum Dumping Angle (°) 


Packing Working Time (s) 


Unloading Working Time(s) 


Discharge Work Cycle Time(s)



Using natural gas as fuel, natural gas vehicles are clean energy vehicles, which have the advantages of economy, environmental protection, safety and driving comfort.

It integrates loading, transportation and self-unloading, no auxiliary equipment is needed, and the operation is convenient and simple.

One car with multiple boxes, circulating transportation, improving the efficiency of vehicle use and reducing costs.

The hook arm system adopts a complete set of equipment, which is safe and reliable, with light weight and large loading quality.

The hook arm system adopts the sliding arm type articulated structure, which is convenient to enter the hook, easy to maintain, and has a small height limit for the lifting and unloading box.

The vehicle adopts a rear support stabilization device, which effectively prevents the head of the vehicle from tilting during loading and unloading the box, and can work on both soft and inclined ground.

The chassis and the mobile garbage compression box are connected with an alarm device and a safety device to ensure that when the chassis power supply harness is connected to the box, the unloading operation cannot be performed, and the safety of the circuit system can be guaranteed even if the operator misuses it.

Optional cleaning system, after the garbage is dumped, the vehicle and the box can be self-cleaned, and the sealing tape and the bonding surface of the rear door of the box can be cleaned, effectively improving the service life of the sealing tape and ensuring the garbage bin Long-term sealing performance.

All operations can be completed in the cab, the operation is simple and convenient, reducing the labor intensity of the operator.

The hook arm is made of high-quality steel plate with high wear resistance and durability; the safety lifting hook is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel, which is firm and reliable.