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Rear Load Garbage Truck – FLM5180ZYSDF6KQW

The mid-size series is developed by our company based on the introduced foreign advanced technology, which has the advantages of large loading capacity, no secondary pollution, reliable and durable, etc.


Main Parameters

Refuse Container Capacity (m³)


Hopper volume(m³)


Compacting cycle time(s)


Control mode


Loading cycle time(s)


Dumping cycle time(s)



The decorative cover designed by industrial art is naturally connected with the upper body structure, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.

U-shaped integrally formed truss troughs with high strength from Japanese technology are used as movable guide rails for garbage push plates, which have strong compression capacity and good resistance to deformation;

The main components such as the container are made of Shanghai Baosteel B480GNQR high-strength weather-resistant steel.

Equipped with a large-capacity sewage tank, combined with a diversion sewage collection device, the sewage leaked between the filler and the garbage box due to the failure of the sealant strip can be drained to a dedicated sewage collection tank, which can effectively prevent the leakage caused by sewage. Secondary pollution;

The joint of the stuffer and the box adopts adjustable hydraulic locking full sealing technology, which has good sealing performance.

The push plate slider adopts high wear-resistant alloy material, which has a long service life.

Equipped with a number of safety protection measures such as slide up, scraper turning up button, emergency stop button, interlock switch to prevent the filler from falling, safety brace, and self-locking function of the filler lifting cylinder, to ensure personnel safety;

There are several safety protection measures, such as slide up, scraper up button, emergency stop button, filler interlock switch to prevent falling, safety strut, self-locking function of filler lifting cylinder, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel.

The intelligent control system of the controller can be used for centralized control in the cab. Equipped with two sets of automatic and manual control modes, it can control the operation of the garbage truck in the driver’s cab, the middle of the carriage, and the rear of the carriage. It is convenient and efficient;

Equipped with night work lights to facilitate sanitation workers at night;

Equipped with two-way compression function, high compression efficiency and large garbage load. When unloading, when the filler is lifted into place, the scraper and slide plate automatically realize a cycle to remove the garbage remaining in the filler;

According to user needs, it is equipped with various lifting mechanisms with a wide range of applications. The lifting support device with convenient installation and long service life, the cam clamping device of the barrel mechanism with high efficiency and wide application are carefully designed, which effectively eliminates the risk of barrel falling during the feeding process, and provides the possibility of configuring a variety of lifting devices.

A removable rear cover plate of the garbage truck filler is provided at the opening of the filler. The opening and closing of the cover plate are pneumatically controlled. The operation is light and portable, which can effectively prevent secondary pollution of garbage and odor.