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Washing & Sweeping Truck – FLM5180TXSDF6S

This innovative Cleaning Sweeper Truck is developed by our company which adopts our original V-shaped spray pipe washing technology, it gathers the functions of road sweeping and high-pressure washing in one. It not only can do the road sweeping or road washing independently but also can do the road scrubbing. This truck is especially suitable for cleaning and washing the road in the urban areas.


Main Parameters

Auxiliary Engine Model

Cummins QSB5.9-C160-30 

Sweeping Width (m) approx.


Dustbin Volume (m³)


Water Box Volume (m³)


High Pressure Water Pump Pressure(Mpa)  



The shape of the box of the whole vehicle adopts the shape of a large curved side, and the arc transition, the box is evenly stressed, the structural performance is strong, and the appearance is beautiful.

The working device adopts the “central four-disk scanning + central V-shaped water spraying frame + central dual suction nozzle narrow nozzle structure” layout form, and has a variety of operating modes to achieve road cleaning, cleaning and washing.

The original V-shaped nozzle and semi-circular suction nozzle without gap high-pressure nozzle layout effectively collect the cleaned sewage and garbage to the suction nozzle, and absorb it in the sewage garbage bin, so that the road surface will not leave dust and water , The pavement cleaning, brush sweeping and sewage recycling effect is good.

Optional multi-angle single-point desilting device is suitable for pavement rolling silt and dead angle garbage removal.

The clear water tank has a large volume and a long continuous operation time. At the same time, the sewage can be discharged through the sewage pipe during the operation, and the water can be added at any time to continue the operation; the large volume low-pressure nozzle is provided in the garbage bin, which can quickly rinse the garbage bin.

With hydraulic buffer type sweeping ground distance automatic adjustment technology, the contact force between the sweeping brush and the ground is maintained at a fixed value, the contact surface between the sweeping brush and the ground remains unchanged, and the sweeping brush can be automatically compensated when worn.

The independent clean water tank and clean water garbage bin are made of stainless steel, which will never corrode.

It has various safety alarm devices: low water level of clean water tank, high water level of sewage and trash bin, operation prompt, auxiliary engine water temperature, oil pressure, reverse prompt, hydraulic oil leakage, dump bin tipping and resetting, rear door opening and closing safety alarm device, etc.

Equipped with a low-pressure sprinkler system, the front nozzle has a large flushing pressure and can flush six lanes at a time; the left columnar side impact and the right columnar side impact device, the nozzle can be adjusted 360 ° left and right, 360 ° up and down.

Adopt CAN bus intelligent control system to realize intelligent centralized control of electricity, liquid and gas. The driver can complete various actions in the cab through the display screen and understand the vehicle operating conditions, operating parameters and fault information.

The left and right front scan discs and left and right water spray racks have automatic obstacle avoidance protection and reset functions.

Equipped with a pneumatic net antifreeze device, which effectively removes residual water in the waterway system, prevents the pipeline system from freezing and cracking at low temperatures, and improves the utilization rate of vehicles.

The high-pressure current collecting and cleaning nozzle can not only effectively flush the road surface but also absorb the cleaned sewage into the sewage garbage bin to improve the cleanliness of the road surface.