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FULONGMA attending the 9th Cross-strait Machinery Industry Expo

To establish and promote the industrial system construction, and drive the communication platform for economic and trade cooperation, as well as the cooperation and communication in Cross-strait machinery industry, and to improve the popularity, market competitive power of the mechanical products from Cross-strait, to promote the economic of Cross-strait to develop fast and well. By November 8th to 10th, the 9th Cross-strait Machinery Industry Expo / the 11th China Longyan Investment Project Business Conference (hereinafter referred as: Machine Expo) was grandly held in Longyan Exhibition Center (the special vehicle city of China).

Jiang Zengwei (the former president of CCPIT), Zheng Jianmin (vice governor of Fujian Provincial People’s Government), Xu Weize (secretary of municipal party Committee, Longyan), Yang Xuetong (executive vice president of CMIF) and other leaders jointly started the opening ceremony. 

The current Machine Expo’s theme was “cooperate of Cross-strait for a win-win development”, jointly hosted by Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, guidance of Fujian Provincial people's Government, CMIF, and undertaken by People’s Government of Longyan City. FULONGMA(Fujian Longma Environmental Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd Stock Code: 603686) was once of the co-organizers from four regions of Cross-strait, displayed the full series of new energy products including Intelligent pure electric washing and cleaning vehicle, pure electric multi-functional dust suppression vehicle, pure electric road maintenance vehicle, pure electric self-loading and unloading garbage truck, pure electric drum garbage truck and so on.
Jiang Zengwei (the former president of CCPIT), Zheng Jianmin (vice governor of Fujian Provincial People’s Government) and other leaders are highly proud of the achievements of our company on innovation leading filed, on listening to mr. Zhang Guichao’s introduction of the company developments.   

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