Multi-Functional Dust Suppression Truck-FLM5250TDYD5NG

Multi-Functional Dust Suppression Truck-FLM5250TDYD5NG

The FULONGMA brand Multi-Functional Dust Suppression Truck is refitted with a second-class chassis The chassis engine and the auxiliary engine all use natural gas fuel, and the emission reaches the EURO Ⅴ standard

  • Introduction
  • Main Parameters
  • Optional Equipment
  • 1. low pressure front sprinkler in left and right can be separate controlled by electricity
    2. low pressure side flusher in left and right can be controlled separately;
    3. equipped with small flashing light on the rear top of the tank
    4. normal steel tank
    5. YCW-N150T5 generator set
    6. FW-D100 spraying mist machine
    7. video monitor

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  • Chassis Model EQ1250GD5NJ1
    Emission Standard EURO Ⅴ
    Chassis Engine Model/Power(kW) YC6MK280N-50/206
    Water Tank Volume(L) ≥11.58
    Mist Sprayer Model FW-D100/FW-D120
    Maximum Spraying Length(m) 100/120
    Washing Width(m) ≥24
    Rear High Spraying Length(m) ≥50
    Spraying Width(m) ≥16
    External Size(mm) 9890×2500×3970

  • 1. body made of stainless steel
    2. rear sprinkler
    3. rear high sprayer


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