Multi-Functional Dust Suppression Truck-FLM5182TDYDF5

Multi-Functional Dust Suppression Truck-FLM5182TDYDF5

This new generation of Multi-functional dust suppression truck is developed independently by our company It has the advantages of easy and reliable operation,far water spraying range and water saving, etc It is suitable for city haze reduce, dust falling and cooling, can be used for dust suppression in mining enterprises and also can be used for garden greening spraying

  • Introduction
  • Main Parameters
  • Optional Equipment
  • 1. low pressure front sprinkler in left and right can be separate controlled by electricity
    2. low pressure side flusher in left and right can be controlled separately
    3. equipped with small flashing light on the rear top of the tank
    4. normal steel tank
    5. video monitor
    6. QSB5.9-C210-30 auxiliary engine with emission Ⅲ

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  • Chassis Model DFH1180BX1V
    Emission Standard EURO Ⅴ
    Chassis Engine Model/Power(kW) ISD210 50/155
    Water Tank Volume(L) ≥9.8
    Diesel Generator Model/Power(kW) YCW-188T5/150
    Mist Sprayer Model FW-D100
    Maximum Spraying Length(m) 100
    Washing Width(m) ≥24
    Rear High Spraying Length(m) ≥50
    Spraying Width(m) ≥16
    External Size(mm) 9380×2480×3890

  • 1. equipped with low pressure front washing set in addition
    2. body made of stainless steel
    3. rear sprinkler
    4. rear high sprayer 


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