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Electric Ride-on Road Sweeper – FLMSD13

FLMSD13 electric ride-on sweeper is a high-performance, suction-type electric sweeper developed for urban alleys, sidewalk auxiliary roads, parks, airport high-speed rail plazas, living communities, industrial parks, and other places. It is a new type of efficient cleaning equipment integrating road cleaning, garbage recycling, and transportation.


Main Parameters

Main Parameters


Batter (Voltage, Capacity) (V/Ah)


Battery Type

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Driving Motor Rated Power (kW)

2.2 (Peak7)

Charging Time (h)


Turning Radius (mm)


Top Speed (km/h)


Gradeability (%)


Cleaning Width (m)


Working Speed (km/h)


Maximum Working Capability (m3/h)


Working Time (h)


Garbage Tank Volume (L)


Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm)



Maneuverability: The width of the machine is only 850mm, and it has good passability and maneuverability. It can easily turn around on a 2.5m wide road and can cross 100mm obstacles. It is especially suitable for working in narrow areas.

High operating efficiency: adopts a cleaning device with a front double sweeping plate + a central leaf suction nozzle. In the deciduous season, leaves of all sizes can easily enter the suction nozzle, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, and improves work efficiency.

Fan crushing: Specially designed fan blades can be used to crush light and floating objects such as leaves. The density of crushed garbage is significantly increased, which can effectively increase the loading capacity of the garbage tank and avoid frequent dumping of garbage.

Simple operation: Basic functions can be realized by one button, simple, convenient, intuitive, and not easy to misuse.

Cruise control: With the cruise control function, it can be adjusted in the range of 2~5km/h to drive at a constant speed.

Pulse dust vibration: It has a one-key pulse dust vibration function. When the filter element is clogged due to long-term operation, it can instantly release 10L of compressed air (0.8MPa) to remove the dust on the filter cartridge and restore the filter cartridge to a clean state. The suction power is effectively improved.

Long operating time: The intelligent control system equipped with this equipment will intelligently match the operation of the steering, drive, and fan motors according to the specific operating conditions, to minimize the power consumption of the whole machine under the premise of ensuring the operating performance. It is also equipped with a 48.3V/404Ah lithium iron phosphate battery, the longest operating time of the whole machine can reach 15 hours, and it only takes 3 hours to fully charge.

CAN bus control: using CAN bus module control technology, equipped with customized color display, one-button operation, simple and easy to use. It has multiple functions such as self-diagnosis, early warning processing, emergency protection, failure analysis, and operation records.

Comfortable driving: a load-bearing body with high safety and good stability. Front-wheel steering, an optional electronic assisted steering system (EPS), makes the steering lighter. The rear wheel adopts a central drive axle with high integration and small size, with electromagnetic braking function and high safety. The four wheels adopt hydraulic braking, the front axle disc brakes, and the rear wheel drum brakes, the braking effect is good.