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Electric Auto-follow Vacuum Machine – FLMSD08

“Fulongma” brand electric self-following vacuum cleaner is a high-performance electric small cleaning robot that integrates intelligent AI technology, intelligent recognition technology, adaptive following and obstacle avoidance control technology. It has multiple functions such as automatic follow-up operation, automatic obstacle avoidance, road surface suction, spray dust reduction, pulse dust removal.


Main Parameters

Main Parameters


Dimension (L*W*H)(mm)


Battery (Voltage, Capacity) (V/AH)


Wheelbase (mm)


Front Wheel Track (mm)


Rear Wheel Track (mm)


Turning Radius (m)




Curb Weight (KG)


Water Tank Volume (L)


Garbage Tank Volume (L)


Suction Radius (m)


Working Speed (km/h)


Suction Hose Diameter (mm)



The machine has a compact structure, strong passability, and a convenient U-turn. The width of the whole machine is small (810mm), and it can be entered in narrow places. The minimum turning radius is only 1.7m.

This machine is equipped with a spray nozzle at the front of the hand-held nozzle, which can extinguish cigarette butts on the ground.

Based on CFD analysis technology, the rapid settlement of debris can be realized. The trash can is equipped with a powerful filter system and a pulsed dust vibration system to ensure full filtration of the fine dust exhausted by the fan.

Equipped with handheld garbage pickup equipment. Set up a space for placing clips and a small trash can to facilitate the operation of the operator. The equipped intelligent self-following system can realize the self-adaptive follow of the operator, pedestrians and machines go, people stop and stop. At the same time, a driving position is set to facilitate the rest and driving of the operator.

It can easily pick up common garbage such as leaves, cigarette butts, and confetti. It can also be quickly collected for mineral water bottles. When stationary, the operator can clean and fully cover the area with a radius of 3.5m by moving the hand-held straw.

Automation Control System. The intelligent control system equipped on this machine will intelligently match the steering, drive and fan motor operation according to the specific working conditions, so as to minimize the power consumption of the whole machine while ensuring the working performance. The working time can be up to 10h after a single charge.

Intelligent recognition, double obstacle avoidance. This machine is equipped with a camera and an intelligent visual recognition algorithm to realize the recognition and follow-up of the operator. Using ultrasonic radar obstacle avoidance measures, effectively ensure the safety of the robot during the operation.

The machine is equipped with a variety of sensors, and faults can be directly checked on the display screen to accurately locate the fault point. The system has multiple functions such as self-diagnosis, early warning processing, emergency protection, failure analysis, and operation records.